Admin: Expense Templates

Expense Templates are templates for commonly entered expenses for your workers. Expense templates can be created to apply your vendor(s) mark-up percentage to the expense should it be applied.

To Edit or delete an expense template select the description of the template.

Expense Description and Cost: Edit the description and cost associated with the expense as needed

Taxable Compensation: If checked this item is considered to be compensation related and taxes should be applied. If this expense is considered a 'pass through' expense such as reimbursement for items already taxed, uncheck this box when creating your expense template.

Add Vendor Markup: If the vendors markup should be applied on top of the cost of this expense check mark this box. When checked the system will apply the set markup that is associated with this vendor on the 'Vendors' tab within the system.

Markup Tier: If a vendors markup should be applied to this expense but it should not be their standard markup percentage you can select which markup tier for this vendor that should be applied when this template is used. These tiers can be located or set under the 'Vendors' tab within the system.

Finally, be sure to 'Save Changes' to this template or 'Delete Expense Template' if no longer needed.

To Add Expense Template, select this tab at the bottom of the 'Expense Templates' page.

Enter in the expense description and cost that should be associated with this expense. Determine if this expense should be taxed, have a vendors markup applied as well as the markup tier that should be applied for this expense. Once complete be sure to 'Save New Expense Template'. Once saved, this expense template will be an option to select from when new expenses are created within the system.