Admin: Pre-Employment

The Pre-Employment tab will outlined items and/or notes of tasks that can be added to a candidate automatically when they're moved to an 'Accepted/Pending' status within the system or potential instructions for candidates upon their first day.

Pre-employment scheduled items: Are simply reminders of responsibilities that need to be completed for the candidate prior to them starting on the assignment.

To edit or remove a scheduled item, select the name and then proceed to make any changes or delete the scheduled item.

Adding an Auto Schedule Item: To add a scheduled item, select the 'Add Auto Schedule Item' button.

Pre-Employment Notes: Are templates that can be added to a candidate profile and shared with the agency that submitted the candidate within SimpleVMS when the candidate is moved to an 'Accepted/Pending' status. These can be notes regarding first day instructions, directions, etc. that the vendor can share with the candidate in preparation for their start of assignment. Pre-employment notes are associated with the hiring manager within your organization.

To edit or delete a pre-employment note, select the note name.

Adding a Pre-Employment Note: To add a pre-employment note select, 'Add Pre-Employment Note'.