Attendance & Performance Tab

From the Workers tab, track your associates attendance and performance. On this tab you are able to log attendance occurrences, edit exceptions for an associates time, add/remove attendance points (if using a point policy within the system).

  • When you select a workers name and open up their worker profile, by default the system will display the "Details" tab of the worker profile.

  • Click on the "Attendance & Performance" tab to view this information.


From the Attendance and Performance tab you can:

  • View /Update the worker's individual schedule

  • NOTE: If changes are made here this will override the team schedule if the worker is associated with a team.



  • You have the ability to add a future schedule for your worker.

  • Select the future date that the schedule will start.

  • The check box must be selected in order for the schedule to repeat.

  • Enter the work hours and days for the future schedule.

  • Save your changes by clicking "Save Schedule".



You can also view Attendance & Performance Occurrences in this section and make additions or edits:

  • Select the timeframe from the drop down menu.

  • Edit/Delete points.

  • Manually enter an occurrence by selecting the date/time of their expected time and then then actual time punches.

  • Select the "Type" of occurrence from the drop down menu.

  • Free type in the "Notes" field (optional).

  • Click "Add Occurrence".


Below are training videos on how to make these changes on the worker profile as well as how to adjust these occurrences in mass, via a batch edit.