Candidate: Email To Hiring Managers

If you are managing the job posting and any candidates submitted to it on behalf of a hiring manager you can share the information the vendor provided, along with your notes by selecting, 'Email to Hiring Managers'.

  1. From the candidates profile, select ‘Email to Hiring Managers’ to share this candidate's information with others on your team to review.

  2. Once selected, a listing of all managers that are in SimpleVMS will populate. Place a checkmark next to the Manager(s) that you wish to send this candidate’s information

  3. After you have made your selections, you are able to enter a note to send in addition to the candidate information to your team.

  4. Once you select ‘Send Email’ in real time the Manager(s) you selected will receive an email with this candidates information in their work email to review.

    Below is an example of the communication the Manager(s) within your organization will receive from when this feature is used.