Candidates Tab

Candidates are submitted to active job postings by Vendors. Depending on the hire type chosen on your job posting you may want to screen candidates, conduct interviews, skills testing, etc. prior to making your final selection for the role.

For any job postings that are a hire type of T (Temporary), T2H (Temp to Hire), or P (Permanent) associates will be submitted to you order via your vendor(s) and will go into a candidate status. Whenever a candidate is submitted ,the hiring manager and coordinating manager of the job posting will be notified via a system generated communication directly in their work email account.

You can access the candidate(s) profile via the 'Candidate' tab or the 'New Candidates' section on the 'Dashboard'.





From the 'Candidates' tab you will see a listing of all candidates and the job posting in which they were submitted.

Each candidate from this view is associated with:

  • The job posting name and posting ID in which the candidate was submitted.

  • The status of the candidate in the hiring process.

  • When the candidate was submitted to the job posting.

  • (If) an interview has been schedule for the candidate.

  • Which vendor submitted the candidate.



When you select a candidates name their candidate profile will open. This will showcase to you all of the information the vendor shared with you in regards to this candidate.