Day Labor

Workers inherit the pay and bill rate from the original day labor posting. Not from the posting the candidate is being added to. 

If a Worker is marked Terminated/Allow Rehire they are shown properly on the Day Labor Pool posting but when you try to re-assign them to another Day Labor posting you are unable to search or submit them. Same with any other finish reason also like No Call/No Show.

For reference ANY term status prohibits you from being in day labor
Workers must be active (or backup) to be assigned to day labor postings


Day Labor Overview

  • Only submit an associate to the Day Labor Pool job posting ONCE.
  • You will need to attach files (if required) when submitting to the Day Labor Pool job posting. These will carry over when submitting to a Day Labor job posting.
  • Workers  will be closed out at the end of the work week with a status of ‘Req Filled/Designated Backup’.  They will then be able to be submitted to a new day labor posting for the next available work week.

  • The system will auto fill slots for the associate you are submitting based on the job posting openings.
  • Backups Allowed: submitted and labeled as such but will still be active and able to punch if needed. Will close out at the end of the work week.

Run the ‘Day Labor Workers by Week’ report to view all scheduled workers for the work week.