Entering A Worker Note

Notes can be used by both Clients and Vendors to communicate important information regarding a Worker. Notes are dated and time stamped by who entered them and stay within the system forever. They are a great way to communicate back and forth.

  • From the 'Workers' tab type a few letters of the associates first or last name in the search term field.

  • Select 'Search'.

  • Select the workers name to open their worker profile.


To view a note within SimpleVMS:

  • On the left hand side of the worker profile, scroll down to the 'Notes' section. Here you can review previous notes entered for this worker.

  • All notes are dated and time stamped by who entered the note.

  • Notes logged within SimpleVMS become your HR record/file for this worker. They will be accessible in SimpleVMS forever. Even if the worker is no longer active and on assignment you will still have access to view this information.


To add a note within SimpleVMS:

  • Select a 'New Note Type' from the dropdown menu.

  • By selecting a note type, once saved, an email to the vendor of this worker will be sent in real time. The vendor can then review your note and take any necessary action regarding.

  • NOTE: If you do NOT select a note type the note you entered will be recorded but it will NOT send a communication to the vendor. A note with no note type is considered just documentation, no action is required but you wish for the information to still be recorded.


  • After you have selected your note type you can free type in the 'New Note' field to communicate back and forth with the vendor.

  • Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page after you have entered in your note and select 'Save Changes' so your note is saved and sent to the vendor.