How To Move A Worker To A Different Job Posting

If you have a worker that you want to move to a different job posting within the tool, you can change their status to move them to the new role within the system.


  • Within the workers profile change the status to ‘Moved to different Job Posting’.


Once you have changed the status, a ‘Move To’ field will populate. Choose the posting the worker should be moved to from the dropdown.

NOTE: When you move a worker to a different job posting the worker will inherit all of the details of the job posting:

  • Job Title

  • Team

  • Cost Center

  • Work Days

  • Work Hours

The workers rate information will NOT update. You may need to adjust this should this change warrant a rate update.

See 'Updating Pay & Bill Rates'.



Scroll to the bottom of the workers profile and select ‘Save Changes’.