Payroll & Remittance Details

To see the full detail of the invoice(s) paid you can view invoice reports using the reporting tool located within SimpleVMS.

Watch the video tutorial here:

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. To view a payroll report, choose Reports from the left sidebar.
  2. Select any of the invoice reports listed under the Invoice tab. 
  3. The Standard Invoice report is most used for payroll purposes.  Invoices are generated just after 11PM EST on Monday for the prior work week. This report is available on Tuesday morning to run for approved timesheets. It provides a breakout of hours for each day worked with the total and the worker’s pay and bill rate. 
  4. This report can also double as your remittance detail when SimpleVMS submits payment. 
  5. Select the invoice number from the dropdown (listed from most recent to oldest) corresponding to the payroll you want to pull, select your format and column setup, and then click Submit

If you need additional assistance navigating the Reports page, please contact SimpleVMS support at 888-255-8918 ext.2 or