Submitted Candidates Page

The Submitted Candidates page shows where candidates are in the hiring process with your client.

Watch the video tutorial here:

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. To view a submitted candidate, choose Submitted Candidates from the left sidebar.
  2. By default, The dropdown menu will display Candidates Not Hired and Active Postings.  You can sort by selecting different statuses from both of these dropdowns.    
  3.  By selecting the column chooser, you can add or remove columns to this page, click the header of any column to sort against that column, and click and drag a column to a different position.  Once you set your filters and columns, click Export to extract your data for reporting purposes. Click Reset Layout to restore to default. 
  4. You will be notified via a system-generated communication to your work email whenever a candidate's status is updated.  
  5. You may need to schedule items assigned to the candidate according to the job posting. These could be reminders to complete onboarding documents, interview requests, etc. 
  6. If your client requests an interview via a scheduled item, you can confirm by updating the status of this request to Time Confirmed, and this will notify the contact that the time is good and they can expect your candidate.

    * Note: if the requested time does not work for your candidate, enter a “Note” on your candidate’s profile to communicate that message.   
  7. You can also use the Notes section to communicate back and forth with your client. These communications will occur in real time when the note is saved. All messages are dated, time-stamped, and associated with the user. 

    If you need additional assistance submitting a candidate, please contact SimpleVMS support at 888-255-8918 ext.2 or