Submitting an Applicant to a Job Posting

Use the following instructions to submit your applicant to a job posting in SimpleVMS.

Watch the video tutorial here:


Step-by-step instructions:

  1. To submit an applicant, choose Applicants from the left sidebar.
  2. Once you have created an applicant, you can click the job postings page from the left sidebar menu and select the job posting you wish to add your applicant.
  3. You can review the job posting details and any requirements in this section.
  4. To add your candidate click the Candidates tab, then click Add Applicant in the top right corner of the screen. You can search for your applicant by typing their name in the search bar, then clicking on the applicant's name. 
  5. Make any adjustments to the applicant before you submit to the job posting.  
  6. Make sure to attach any required files.
  7. Enter the worker's start date 
  8. If all information is correct, click Submit Worker
  9. Confirm the rate information is correct and click Yes, Submit this worker at the above rates.
  10. If the hire type of the job posting is Direct Send / DS, all candidates submitted will instantly become Active and can be found under the Workers page once submitted.
  11. If the hire type of the job posting is anything other than Direct Send, then the candidate is sent to the client for vetting and in a pending status until marked as Hired or Rejected. You will receive email alerts when the client updates the candidate's status. 

 If you need additional assistance submitting an applicant, please contact SimpleVMS support at 888-255-8918 ext.2 or