Time Off Request

Upon Log-In select the 'Time Off Request' tab at the top of the page to enter in a new Time Off Request.

Enter in the Type, Reason, Date and requested amount of hours. Once all fields are completed select 'Submit Time Off Request' for an email to be sent to your supervisor for approval.

Once you submit your request, you will come to the below screen, letting you know that your request has been sent and asking if you'd like to request additional time off. 

If you select, the 'Time & Expenses' tab you can see the created time sheet for the request you made. It will reflect in a 'Created' status until it has either been Approved or Rejected by your Supervisor.

Once you have completed entering your request, you can 'Log Off' by selecting 'Log Off in the top right corner of the screen or selecting 'Log Off' from the 'Dashboard' under the 'Clock IN OR Clock OUT Now' button.