Updating A Workers Job Title

The below tutorial will walk you through steps on how to correctly update a workers job title.

  • Type in a few letters of the first or last name of the worker.

  • Uncheck "Show only Active" box if worker is closed out.

  • Click Search.

  • Click on the worker's name that you want to update job title.


  • The first step is to always select the updated job title field from the drop down menu.

  • If you select a different drop down option first this will NOT auto update the applicable fields.


The below information will auto update based off the selected job title:

  • Team

  • Cost Center

  • Work Days

  • Work Hours

NOTE: The workers rate information may need adjusted as well should this job title change warrant a rate update.

See 'Updating Pay & Bill Rates'.



  • Once your updates have been saved you can track the changes under the "History Tab" of the worker's profile.