Navigating the Vendor Dashboard

The vendor dashboards offer important information regarding your account and can be configured based on your preferences.

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. To view your dashboard, choose Dashboard from the left sidebar. 
  2. The Dashboard can be configured by clicking on the Configure button at the top right-hand corner of the page.  Here you can select the number of columns to display and what you would like layered in each column. 
  3. Within the My Profile section, you can update your profile details, change your password, and select your email settings.   
  4. The Unread Messages will list the 10 most recent unread messages.  
  5. Pending Time & Expense section illustrates time sheets and/or expenses pending approval. 
  6. Scheduled Items will display your most recent unresolved items for both workers and candidates. 
  7. New Job Postings provides a listing of recently submitted job postings for you to start recruiting.
  8. The In/Out Board allows you to quickly diagnose attendance, OT, left early, came in late, no-shows, etc., separating this information out by your teams. 

If you need additional assistance navigating the Dashboard, please contact SimpleVMS support at 888-255-8918 ext.2 or