Vendors Tab

The Vendors tab displays the client's current vendor agencies they use to service them. The client can manage the vendor tab in several ways to customize each vendors exposure to job openings.

  • From the vendors tab you can at a glance see a listing of vendors that support your organization, the vendor tier they are assigned to, and the contact name, city, and state for the vendor. NOTE: This contact name, city, and state may not be your contact, this is generally a corporate contact for that agency.

  • Select a vendors name that you wish to view details for or update.
  • NOTE: Any information that you update in the 'Settings' section for the vendor will only apply for this agency IF they are also not linked to additional sites within your organization below in the 'Sites' section. The only item that you would change in the 'Settings' section that would apply for ALL of your sites below is if you changed the agency's tier.

  • In the 'Sites' section tied to a vendor you can view/change which of your sites this vendor is associated with, tiers, mark-up percentages, OT and DT billing, etc.

  • Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to 'Save Changes'.