Workers Page

The Workers page is a repository for all your worker data in SimpleVMS. From this page, you can quickly review rates, attendance, notes, documentation, etc. directly from the employee's profile.

Watch the video tutorial here:

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. To view a worker, choose Workers from the left sidebar.
  2. When the Workers page is selected, you will only see your active roster of associates by default. Click on the filter and change it from only showing currently active workers to active workers within the last 90, 180, 365 days or two years, or you can view ALL Workers in the system. Adjusting this filter will also update the graph on this page. 

    The columns for this page can be adjusted by clicking on Column Chooser. Sort against any column by clicking the header and dragging the columns around to configure them. Click Export to download the current view as an Excel or CSV. Click Reset Layout to restore to the default view. 
  3. The worker profile displays the username, which is the number used to punch in and out if your organization uses SimpleVMS timekeeping  
  4. You can view the job posting this worker was hired to by clicking the hyperlink View Job Posting. 
  5. The worker's time and expenses can also be viewed by clicking View Time & Expenses For this Worker. 
  6. Click on the Attendance & Performance tab to see the worker's assigned schedule and any exceptions listed here. 
  7. Any communication about this worker will be saved in the notes section of the worker's profile. 
  8. Review any Scheduled items in this section. 

If you need additional assistance navigating the Workers page, please contact SimpleVMS support at 888-255-8918 ext.2 or